What are the advantages of joining ZigiLink?

Advantages of ZigiLink?

There are many different advantages that come with using ZigiLink. To begin with ZigiLink gives you the opportunity to shorten your links into a readable URL. This gives you’re a massive opportunity to share the link without having countless characters cluttering up your information.

Another advantage is that you can earn money on top of shortening your link! This will enable you to share the link and be able to make a return based on how many people click on the link. So if your link is consistently clicked online, you will be able to earn money from very minimal effort.

You can refer friends and take a 20% referral bonus from each person you refer. With a large group of friends all posting ZigiLink’s around the web this can maximise your income from no actual work of your own. You can take the success of your peers and transfer this into your own income.


Published on: 7/20/18, 9:56 PM