Step by step Tutorial on how to join ZigiLink

This post will give you all the steps you need to take in order to sign up to ZigiLink in simple format. Pictures are included with annotations where needed to ensure no confusion when following this guide.


Step One:

on the homepage , locate the my account button at the top right of your screen (as shown below) and click it.


Step Two: You will see that youve been taken to the login page because you dont currently have an active account. From here you will click on 'Register a new membership'. This is also shown in the image below.


Step Three: you will now be taken to the sign up page.You will need to enter the necessary information in order to sign up. Once the information has been inputted and is correct, submit and then you have successfully created your ZigiLink account.



Step Four: Sign in with your newly created account and you are ready to begin your ZigiLink journey!



Once signed in you will be able to access the dashboard and keep track of your views, earnings, referal earnings and your average CPM.

Thanks for following the guide and best of luck in your Zigi adventures!


Published on: 7/25/18, 8:55 AM