The Mission behind ZigiCoin!

We are in the midst of the most dynamic economic and technical times, where new concepts, undreamed of in the last decade, are coming to the fore. With these concepts come both challenges and opportunities. We, in our future ‘Zigi world’, believe we have the knowledge, foresight and skills to rise to these challenges and maximise the opportunities for the wider community.

The Rise of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are digital monetary units that operate independently of a central bank and is permission+ less to use. Its transaction information, usually stored on a general ledger, is open and available for system participants to view.

The buzz around cryptocurrencies is booming and accelerating more quickly than ever, with more major media outlets covering new developments every day. With daily exposure in nearly every major newspaper and television station, it is clear that cryptocurrency is fast becoming mainstream. Not only is the discussion growing larger, but the market capitalization and trading volumes are sky-rocketing at an exponential rate.

Furthermore cryptocurrencies generally do not appeal to authorities such as central banks, tax authorities, or judicial systems. This means that, generally, these entities cannot influence transactions of participants in the cryptocurrency payment system. Furthermore, cryptocurrency transfer is irreversible; third- party entities cannot cancel, block, dispute or carry out a transaction unilaterally. Consensus rules and encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation and issuance of cryptocurrencies. By linking RFID chip with existing payment platforms we plan to get a greater freedom and security for our clients.

New World Marketing

Innovators always have advantage of the first move, as well as the temporary position to form insider knowledge and develop high loyalty for the product. The use of peer to peer referral as the mode to generate innovators in a new product is a growing concept. According to Web profits report on State of Referral Marketing in 2017, 75% of  companies with a working referral program admit it to be their "lowest-cost method  of acquiring new customers“; and 78% of companies surveyed recognised that customers  brought in by referrals 4 to be "more loyal than other customers". Therefore, for a new product or new development in the market, lessons need to be applied in terms of marketing this initiative.

The Digital Economy

The Digital Economy (economic activity based on digital technologies) is growing. It includes the on-line sales of goods and services (e-commerce) as well as the on-line platform and infrastructure for commercial transactions (e- business). Near Field Communications (NFC) and Radio-frequency identification (RFID) are vital features in these transactions in the future.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

With upcoming A.I. technology the global financial sector has changed drastically within last two years. However, financial products and markets have stayed the same in several aspects for many centuries; specifically developing and maintaining the industry of intermediaries. This business of maintaining and the exchanging of financial assets between sellers and buyers has in itself become a business worth trillions of dollars. It is inconceivable that the next step change in the finance sector can take place without the use of IA technology development.

With this vision we at ZigiCoin aim to bring in a diverse platform suited to all that use it. Within all the factors discussed above, all come together to provide you with the ultimate platform for your crypto needs! Get involved now at and you will not regret it!

Published on: 9/14/18, 7:56 PM