ZigiCoin provides solutions to today's market problems!

The base of a brand new ZigiCoin IT system can be found in the introduction of a platform which enables decentralised protected storage of all of the data accumulated by all involved brokers and protected and effective exchange of the information between analysts and affiliates whilst still respecting the privacy of all those whose data is included. This can be reached by utilizing blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology allows for decentralised peer to peer interactions that can be recorded and verified without a central authority. In its core, blockchain are a network of peers which handle a shared database that's dispersed among all its participants known as a dispersed ledger using one hint in for all delegated counterparts. We utilize cryptographic algorithms to maintain records of everything which occurs on track and confirm the ledger isn't tampered with. This creates blockchain phenomenal for procedures essential to such essential industries like banking, asset management, trading, trade and motion for including auditing info and confirming identities among multiple factors.

ZigiCoin is working to set up a system which simplifies blockchain trades for financial trading through to health care from RFID chip use for daily payments with ETH or even BTC working with a gestures of the brain or hand signal to convey with one's surroundings. Its system includes an implantable or wearable digital device which uses RFID signs to convey bio-metric data that provides unparalleled convenience, safety, and authentication attributes based on A.I. technologies for additional security.

In general ZigiPay Wallet is a multi+ blockchain platform that provides a frictionless experience, facilitating cross+ chain transactions and smart contracts in a simple and clean UI/UX. The ZigiPay, ZigiTrade and ZigiDeal simplifies and accelerates adoption for seasoned investors and the general public  by serving as a turnkey product for all blockchain+ consumer needs. Intuitive features in Investing, Trading and Accounting allow for custom pooling, advanced asset tracking and management, securities+ compliant ICO investing, in+ app trading via a decentralized exchange, and easy transactions through fiat gateways connected to RFID payment gateways.

With these solutions prepare for ZigiCoin to become the powerhouse of the market and reap the rewards through early investment before the big rise occurs. Zigi offers a range of products and services all linked and connected to enable investors the best possible experience when joining our vision. Get connected with ZigiCoin now!

Published on: 9/17/18, 3:29 PM