What is ZigiCoin?

In general ZigiPay Wallet is a multi+ blockchain platform that provides a frictionless experience, facilitating cross+ chain transactions and smart contracts in a simple and clean UI/UX. The ZigiPay, ZigiTrade and ZigiDeal simplifies and accelerates adoption for seasoned investors and the general public by serving as a turnkey product for all blockchain+ consumer needs. Intuitive features in Investing, Trading and Accounting allow for custom pool­ing, advanced asset tracking and management, securities+ compliant ICO investing, in+ app trading via a decentralized exchange, and easy transactions through fiat gateways connected to RFID payment gateways.

As with the barriers to mass adoption from a user's perspective, there are similar concerns with obtaining adoption at a developer level. Current App developers must maintain their own nodes and infrastructure, all the while lacking resources and ready-made tools, costing in time and effort. Zigi accelerates development by creating all products in a future-proof format with OpenAI platforms which builds free software for training, benchmarking, and experimenting with Al an all+ inclusive and standardized environment similar to the convenience provided by Amazon Web Services.

By providing the infrastructure and the ecosystem, ZigiSign will allow developers to focus their efforts on the blockchain solutions their Apps are looking to provide. Also ZigiCoin is a next step opportunity for zigi.be group clients and any other interested persons to support further zigi.be group development. Besides our existing products:


Published on: 9/18/18, 10:44 AM