ZigiCoin on your Device

ZigiCoin is available online, android, iOS, API and on cold storage right now! Giving the user access to our platforms wherever and whenever the user needs to. Having access on all devices is imperative to any user that joins ZigiCoin and we feel this was necessary to have available from day 1.

What are these devices?

These devices, as large as a grain of rice are the technological equivalent to some NFC chip on your credit card or inside an ID card. The microchip transponders are implanted beneath the skin, plus they utilize radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies to generate the stored data of this individual simpler to read compared to the common tags. Such devices aren't GPS trackers. According to this advice who retrieves the ID number can utilize the authority of communication with involved celebration by the microchip and question the database system so as to discover the confirmation of their ownership, title, and other info whatever is necessary from the support. This procedure may also readily be applied to sharing, trading affiliate commissions and tracing virtually anything. Authorities and Authorised employees may use the crypto ID on the blockchain to monitor information for another owner without recourse of private data. NFC is a set of criteria for mobile devices. It lets them set peer- to-peer wireless communications, passing information from 1 device to another by touching them or placing them really close together.

NFC came out of RFID. RFID, or radio+ frequency identification, is the technology used by shipping companies, in large warehouses, and in superstores to keep track of goods. It uses electromagnetic induction in order to transmit information over a short space so that by simply scanning a container a staff member can know what it contains. NFC is similar technology, but standardised for consumer smartphones. NFC standards are defined by a group called the NFC Forum, which includes Nokia, Sony and Philips. In essence, if your phone has NFC as a feature it can be used to transfer data to other phones or to NFC readers.

Using NFC on your device can help you send information across very quickly and vice versa. ZigiCoin has worked to have all technologies coming together to create an incredible platform. It was also help with working together with other businesses which will in turn create more profit for all involved. Do you really want to miss out on this golden opportunity?


Published on: 9/24/18, 12:56 PM