ZigiCoin Official Bounty!

Any payment industry needs customers, as well as our project demands your collaboration. 
We are happy to present our community bounty program that will go on from 1st of August 2018 until 31st January 2019. 
Let's share the news and make the revolution in mutual fund industry together! 
We need community support, so we're launching this bounty campaign for everyone who wants to join and help us revolutionize the crypto mutual fund industry. 

Joining our official Telegram is a must for all participants in Zigi bounty campaign. 

To get your reward, 
reports with proof-links of your work have to be sent to 
rewards@zigicoin.com within every Sunday. 
Reward sheet will be uploaded to this thread within every Tuesday. 
The bounty campaign ends on 31st January 2019. 
You will receive your tokens two weeks after the end of ICO, based on the stakes and/or tokens you've earned. 

Facebook Requirements

(Picture must be your cover picture till the end of the ICO) 

*If reposts and shares are made without hashtags - you will NOT receive rewards.


Terms and conditions:

YouTube Requirements

Make A YouTube Video/Review About Zigi 3 Minutes Long


Terms and conditions:



Published on: 10/23/18, 7:34 AM