Why ZigiCoin

So you are asking the question of why I should invest into ZigiCoin. Well throughout this article there will be many different reasons as to why ZigiCoin will benefit you, should you choose to make an investment.

ZigiCoin is one of many platforms linked Within ZigiGroup. It is made up of nine different platforms all with different opportunities that will serve to help the people that use them. A more detailed run through of what each platform includes can be found through the following link, https://zigilink.com/blog/44-existing-zigi-platforms.


Each time an investor makes a purchase with any cryptocurrency in any of the following will receive a generous bonus of a 10% of the value FOR FREE as ZIGICOINS.

The cashed-out tokens will be burned. This will reduce the amount of ZIGI supply further driving demand, the adoption of the platform and the value for contributors. There is a cap in place at 10 billion Zigi Tokens as opposed to the initial 100 billion.

The higher the volume of transactions in the ZigiPay platform, the higher the potential market value of the token. A percentage of the transaction fee will be removed from the pool in each market transaction, and the more the ZigiPay platform is used (with any supported cryptocurrency) the further the supply of ZIGI will decrease. A built-in adjustment that acts as our self-stabilization mechanism will do that automatically. A contributor that decides to hold ZIGI for the long run, though it may be subjected to exchange market fluctuations, will enjoy a protective layer that links the ZIGI to a sustainable platform.

Holders of ZIGI Tokens will receive monthly referral commissions. Starting from January 2019, 10% of the aggregate revenue from existing and newly developed products will be distributed every month to holders of ZIGI Tokens pro rata. According to the current performance of the business and latest medium-term projections, the suggested referral commission is equal to a competitive passive income on publicly available investment offers.

To distribute monthly referral commissions to ZIGI token holders, the distributor will deposit the required amount of ETH along with each participant's share on the smart contract. ICO participants will be able to get funds out of the contract up to the monthly allowance.

After the token has been listed on major exchanges, the ZIGI Tokens market price will be highly dependent on the underlying business performance, as well as the company's future growth perspectives on the medium to long term horizon. The ZigiPay team has already established a solid basis for sustainable medium-term growth, grounding on the existing products and infrastructure. There is also a long-term business plan for further product development.

Further with RFID network implementation worldwide all our investors will get a fare commission from each transaction made by ZigiSign NFC wallets linked with ZigiPay.

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Published on: 10/24/18, 7:09 PM