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From 1st November, 2018 for all investors in ZigiPower with up to 46% R.O.I yearly

Other great things with Zigi.be group is that we just also are launching our new shared office space project zigipool.com which is a direct investment into zigi.be infrastructure in terms of a property - as we wish to fund the properties we are using for our offices and as for a need of highly qualified freelancers co-sharing workspace with them worldwide. Again - investment in zigicoin.com will bring back to the investors added value in coin also from profits from rented co-working space with Zigi group. Additionally - ZigiCoin owners already today can invest their ZigiCoin further by spending it at ZigiHash.com - it’s a little tool which helps Zigi Group get support from our investors by advising which of products you think we should develop more and focus on more. By doing that - person agrees to take like active role in our development process and can also communicate with our team for professional and partnership reasons. Besides ZigiCoin will be also given for free - from 1st of October - to everyone who will help for us to build renewable blockchain energy network together with Bitfury. So everyone who will invest in bitcoin mining and renewable energy development through zigipower.com (coming 1st November) will get equal amount in ZigiCoin besides weekly pay-outs after first month of investment with plans for up to one year. Details coming closer to launch date.

We are offering partnership deal with affiliates available at:

ZigiHash.com -
Also there is a small affiliate program - something like 5$ per paid client from zigitrade.com under profile

From November should be very great affiliate program as for solar panel and mining investment at zigipower.com.
We are aiming to get funds for a 2-3 year development, by plugging artificial intelligence to all of our products already next year so improving competition level of our products by AI designed quality. For that we need 8-10 millions, meaning as for a partner it is a great opportunity to earn your 10% share of that what will be attracted.

Our company btcery.com has been running already for three years, we are registered in UK, however looking forward, will be moving to Malta so our phone number is also available already in Malta due to crypto regulations. We will also develop future products and applications to increase return of investment to our coin buyers within whole next three years.


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Published on: 11/5/18, 10:23 PM