ZigiCoin Initial Coin Offering

Currently ZigiCoin is at its initial coin offering stage where on crowd sale until 21st of January 2019. From the first raised funds will be developed infrastructure for zigisign.com - we need to create sales network of biochips across private clinics like travel clinics etc and offer them purchase microchips from us as we will also have application through which client can connect it's chip with debit and credit cards and other crypted information.

Next step is we will finalize the development of our Zigi payment card -zigipay.com. Together with developed ZigiSign itself - powered by BioHax- a KYC crypto signature application connected to your biochip - sellable as a product to any company required pro KYC services. Together with payment card it will bring clients to use chips and cards. As the gained value will be assigned to the ZigiCoin - the coin value will grow from all these profits of transaction commissions. Once we develop ZigiSign - our investors also will gain profits from commissions gained at zigideal.com crypto exchanger and zigitrade.com crypto trader which both needs more technical inspection into them which again is a reason for our ICO. So by investing in ZigiCoin today - we will put all those bits and buts to make crypto exchange, crypto trading, crypto mining profits be equally shared between our investors. Each time someone sells their coins they will be burned so also extra increasing value of the rest coins.

Other great thing with Zigi.be group is that we just also are launching our new hared office space project zigipool.com which is a direct investment into zigi.be infrastructure in terms of a property - as we wish to fund the properties we are using for our offices and as for a need of highly qualified freelancers co-sharing workspace with them worldwide. Again - investment in zigicoin.com will bring back to the investors added value in coin also from profits from rented co-working space with Zigi group.

Additionally - ZigiCoin owners already today can invest their ZigiCoin further by spending it at ZigiHash.com - it’s a little tool which helps Zigi Group get support from our investors by advising which of products you think we should develop more and focus on more. By doing that - person agrees to take like active role in our development process and can also communicate with our team for professional and partnership reasons.

Besides ZigiCoin will be also given for free - from 1st of October - to everyone who will help for us to build renewable blockchain energy network together with Bitfury. So everyone who will invest in bitcoin mining and renewable energy development through zigipower.com (coming 1st November) will get equal amount in ZigiCoin besides weekly pay-outs after first month of investment with plans for up to one year. Details coming closer to launch date.


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Telegram: https://t.me/zigigroup

Medium: https://medium.com/@zigigroup2018 


Published on: 11/19/18, 11:15 AM