Introducing ZigiSign

ZigiSign is a passive near field communications device able to safely store and manage your cryptosignatures and everything related to their easy and secure daily usage.

It does not contain a battery, tracking systems or any GPS elements. ‚Äč

The ZigiSign install enables the carrier to increase their security in the digital world, provide 100% identification clearance, and unlimited seamless experiences with their connected surroundings from financials to healthcare.

Our Solution

Near Field Communication (NFC), is widely adopted and common all over the world. All modern mobile phones support NFC and most countries entire transit systems have some sort of contactless entry of ticket verification.

Most credit cards have NFC and since NFC have a global network of compatible terminals, you are far from limited. Gym access, the office, unmanned convenience stores, loyalty cards, other membership programs, and even passports use the NFC technology. The possibilities with your ZigiSign are endless.

We encourage you to replace all your plastic cards, keys/key fobs and share it to your friends on Social media.

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Published on: 11/21/18, 10:51 AM