An Introduction to ZigiDeal

Zigideal is a platform built for the purpose of providing the safest way to exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and many other altcoins or blockchain tokens. Improve your coin portfolio in NO time! The service is provided in order to save the users time by removing the need to sign up and fill out lengthy forms, into a fast and reliable exchange centre. With no virtual wallet or complex passwords to remember, all you have to do is go onto the page and you can instantly start trading your cryptocurrencies.

As of right now, we aim to deliver exchanges in up to 482 seconds! This is almost half the time of an average transfer at 10 minutes. Given the time users would spend needing to register to other exchange platforms, ZigiDeal eliminates this and enables any user to make an exchange in a much more timely manor. This focus give an intuitive user interface allowing professionals to trade tokens conveniently

There are currently 56 different coins to choose from which gives the user a vast majority of options when  exchanging. This combined with the fast response time gives the user a needed boost in time when using ZigiDeal.


Published on: 7/19/18, 2:55 PM