Easy Work From Home With Zigi


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There are a few ways how you can earn money with zigi.be we will go through below. But you need Zigi Coin to start - you can both buy or earn it for FREE by doing few simple tasks.

Got ZigiCoin? Lets go next. Option one - earn up to $20 per day by sharing posts from zigi.be to other social media platforms. You will get paid only if you really share your posts to other social media and can prove it. For track of your results - use zigilink.com. View ZigiJob.com for Instant Job Offers online. Mostly it's regards promotion and sales - but this will teach you how to put it all on auto-pilot and work only 2-3 hours a day.

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NEED HELP? zigi.be is easy to get lost in - who knows what is where and from where to start getting help? Here you will find all your answers.